New grants to study epigenomics of aging

Two new collaborative projects have been funded to expand our epigenomics of aging studies.  With the laboratory of Dr. Michael Stout at the College of Allied Health at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center a five year project ‘Cellular senescence and epigenomic remodeling in ovarian aging” (R01AG069742) will examine theca, granulosa, and oocytes cells across the reproductive lifespan and the impact of senolytic treatments.  With the laboratory of Dr. Ben Miller in the Aging & Metabolism Program at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation a new one year High Priority, Short-Term Project Award ‘A novel approach to understand a mechanisms of proteostatic decline with aging’ is combining our NuTRAP mouse approaches with stable isotope labeling to understand protein turnover in specific cell types in the brain and muscle. As well, the Oklahoma Nathan Shock Center (P30AG050911) has been renewed for five years and will allow us to continue to provide services to the geroscience research community.

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